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Established in 1966

Ajanta School of Foreign Languages, Amritsar is an international institution which is dedicated to promote foreign languages including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese and Russian for Global Peace and International Understanding. Director of this school is a member of Indian Association of Teachers of German & Association of Indian Teachers of French which are affiliated to International Association of Teachers of German & Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de Français .He is also member of Association of French Canadian Studies & Comparative Literature.

For the last five decades , we have kept abreast with the development of research in the teaching and learning of languages. Those methods that have been tried, tested and proved efficient, have been adapted for use at this institution. In addition, the practical aspect of the language is always emphasised.

This School offers by far the widest and most varied range of language courses - more than forty five years of development has led to its present position as a language centre of considerable importance.

Courses in different foreign languages are begun every session in this school for students both from India and abroad . Every year hundreds of people - both adults and school children choose to attend this school and receive instructions in our individual courses ( with 2 to a maximum of 6 students ). These very small groups - a basic principle of this school - are what makes it possible to give you personal instruction at all times . As we wish to make language learning as easy as possible for you, we use not only traditional teaching methods and material but also employ modern teaching methods and up - to - date teaching technology.

And last but not least at our language school, you are assured of a natural, friendly, relaxed atmosphere - interest is focused on you not only as a student but as a person too. While keen responsibility for the intellectual development of the student is felt, the physical and moral welfare of the individual is not over looked. We are confident that you will feel at home in our bright, friendly class rooms. We are looking forward to see you.

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